Concerns & Feedback

A lot has changed over the years since we first opened our doors in 1945. We’ve seen fencing evolve from the standard chain link products of the 1950’s and 60’s to the low maintenance vinyl and rustproof aluminum products of today. Even traditional wood continues to get better due to changes in treatment processes to reduce its impact on the environment. Fences today are prettier and longer lasting than the old standbys of yesteryear. A fence that stays beautiful and secure for twenty plus years benefits the environment by reducing use of natural resources and waste.

Green building materials from Long® Fence provide an opportunity to select a product that will enhance your home with a benefit to the environment. A better fence today helps eliminate tomorrow’s complaints due to an inferior product or one that just doesn’t hold up. Our vinyl and Ecolife™ wood have manufacturer’s warranties that offer additional consumer protection, in some cases limited lifetime, which is always backed by our Long® Fence labor warranty.

At Long® Fence, we want you to be completely satisfied with your product when you choose green building materials. We are dedicated to providing the latest advances in materials, sound installation and unrivaled customer service to minimize any disappointment that could result in a concern or complaint. However, we realize that not all of our efforts are perfectly executed in performing over 10,000 projects every year. If you are less than satisfied with any aspect of your job, our customer service representatives are available to listen to your concerns, answer your questions and resolve any complaint.

Help us perfect our service and focus when it comes to green building. Questions, issues or complaints should be directed to customer service at 800-917-5664 or contact us.

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