Green Long® Fence Products

eco-friendly fence

Long® Fence is committed to the green initiative. We offer a variety of products, including vinyl, composite and wood fencing, that allow our customers to minimize environmental impact without sacrificing quality.

Vinyl Fencing

Our vinyl fencing combines beauty with practicality. With no need for paints or stains, choosing a vinyl fence eliminates the need to introduce these chemicals into the environment. Additionally, vinyl fencing has superb durability which extends the life of your fence and reduces the need for new materials in the future.  Read more.

Ecolife™ Wood Fences

Clients who choose  Ecolife™ wood products for their Long® Fence projects receive real wood with an advanced non-metallic preservative. The preservative itself is far more eco-friendly than the typical wood sealants and extends the life of the wood. Longer lasting wood reduces the need for replacement lumber, which limits the number of trees being harvested in the future.  Read more.

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